Climate Neutral • Eco-Friendly • Vegan • 100% Natural • Artisan Handcrafted

• 100% Tree-to-Table 
• Chemical free
• Sustainably sourced 
• Eco-Friendly
• Up-Cycled
• Compostable 
Beautiful Gift

Each coconut bowl and spoon set are beautifully unique and made by mother nature. These functional and crafty bowl and spoon sets turn your smoothies, salads, fruit bowls, cereals, and other meals into a picture worthy art piece! Some other great DIY tips to use your bowls are decorative as a potpourri bowl, in a bathroom as pretty storage, as a candy dish or as a small planter. You will feel good knowing that you have helped recycle coconut shell waste and that you are supporting an environmentally friendly product.

Care: Your bowls can be long lasting and durable with a small amount of love and care. Simply hand wash in lukewarm, soapy water after each use. Dry immediately. Avoid hot meals in coconut bowls as best used with room temperature and cool foods. Do not use in dishwashers or microwave ovens. After 10 or 15 uses you can bring back luster and a richer color by polishing your spoons and bowls with an organic coconut oil.

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